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The Brush Against the Sky: The Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea
 글쓴이 : neil
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The Brush Tip Against the Sky: The Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea


The Lotte World Tower forms a traditional Korean brush tip against the back drop of the sky. Unlike most contemporary architecture, which tend to be formalistic (e.g. whose shape seem to be whimsical and arbitrary), the shape of the Lotte World Tower seems to embody unique Korean-ness and its Taoist/Seon philosophy.  

The Korean brush was traditionally used for writing and painting and very similar to the traditional Chinese brush but with its own distinct shape. As such, it represents scholarly learning and cultural sensibilities and refinement which were highly valued in traditional Korean society. Oddly enough, one example of this can be seen in the flag of the Workers’ Party of North Korea (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Workers%27_Party_of_Korea#/media/File:Flag_of_the_Workers'_Party_of_Korea.svg), which has a hammer and a sickle as well as a traditional Korean brush. Our collective mode of production (of goods and services we all need and want) being their “thing,” workers’ parties around the world generally celebrate the means of production: The hammer celebrates the industrial workers; the sickle celebrates the agricultural and related workers. And in the case of North Korean Workers’ Party, the brush celebrates the intelligentsia.   

Suppose that the tip of the Lotte World Tower had “ink” and were to write against the sky. What would that writing be like? Some may say it’d be nothing because the building is just sitting there. But no! Given that the Earth moves, it would at least draw a large circle as it moves with the Earth. However, if we consider that there is a constant (perhaps erratic) movement in the troposphere where weather happens, it would be very interesting to see what the tip of the brush would write in the sky. Perhaps that would be a kind of new art ? partly created by human effort but also partly created by the workings of the universe and the movement of the weather patterns in that part of the Earth.  

This process itself would then manifest the Taoist/Seon philosophy in that a creative process is not an absolutely controlled process but is said to be a process of controlled accident. A creative process, and reality for that matter, is said to be a dynamic interaction between the positive and negative forces, since the ancient times throughout East Asia. In this case however, unlike in our day-to-day life, the brush (i.e. the tip of the tower) can be thought of as the negative (i.e. passive); where as the sky and the weather patterns can be thought of as the positive (i.e. active) in the process of creating the imagined image.

It is true that both the North and South Korea have been influenced by and learned much from the outside world. However, in this age of globalization and assimilation, people of Korea still seem to maintain their unique cultural identity and tenaciously hang on to it, perhaps even religiously so - and it shows!          


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